Rachana Rao
Ok, she's Rachana Krishnamurthy now, but she's my oldest pal and my closest confidante. We grew up together in UAE and used to play Hide & Seek, and Lord knows what! And in our high school, we'd sing (i.e., tear out our lungs) Shammi Kapoor songs in the school bus . She's a super-genius and if you don't believe me, wait till you meet her! She's practical, logical and a wonnnnderful friend. I miss you, darling!!

Archana Jain
She's such a sweetie pie! And what a flair she has for the language (know what I mean!). She always has something to put a smile on your face and she does'nt even realize it! Oh yes, she is every advertiser's delight, bcoz' she ONLY goes in for branded stuff. All in all, she's a good person to have as a friend.

Indu Singh
She's the wild one! We've done our grad together. She's fun, but never short of surprises. Now, she is going to be a big-shot HR Manager.

Sujata Soy
One of the most level-headed people I know, it takes a hell of a lot to excite Sujata! I know her from my college days, and she has become only more sensible with time.

Vikas Singh
If colorful was a person, I would say its Vikas! He is always bubbling over with enthusiasm. Very soon, he will be a big-time movie director!

Pratyush Dixit
Patty is a pain! Nah, just kidding! He's the friend that you hardly get nowayas. Though we meet frequently about twice a year, our friendship has stood the test of time. I can always rely on him to help me out, though its usually the other way round!

Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj & me are always at odds. Though we dont see eye to eye on everything, I respect his opinions (however lopsided) & I know I can rely on him as a friend, anytime. I know he's gonna make it big & my best wishes are with him.
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Reluctant Rambler said...

Madam ji! FYI...I'm still Rachana Rao :P
And Viky seriously contests the idea that I am practical and logical!
But I do appreciate your lovely I miss our days of singing Shammi songs and talking cricket!

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