Mad ad world!

For those of you who thought that advertising was a fun job, let me tell you from first-hand experience, that it's easier to work for Reliance customer care! Oh boy, the deadlines are meant to just throw you over the edge! And believe me, the pressure is more than you'll find in a black hole, bcoz some light rays escape in it, but not in this industry. Here, you're either doomed or roasted completely in the bright limelight!

But, know what! It's a whole lotta' fun. It's like being in the army. You never know when the next gunshot (or cannon ball, for that matter) will fire, and your race against time will begin! But like every military guy, I am proud! I am doing something for this nation, heck, for this world! For those big and small companies and for you customers. Arent you lucky to have us around to tell ("advise") you what to buy and from whom, at a great bargain?!

That's it for now! The next time I have another fit, I'll write again.
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