When I was on the cover of TIME magazine…

Actually, it was for 15 seconds, and it was on a digital sign. But it was a 45-foot tall sign at Times Square, New York. And it made me fee...


Wilted Spring

Through her mellow eyes she saw The Sun setting in the distance. The frost had begun to thaw, Nature embracing spring with no resistance. B...


Where's our "bhasha" going?

It's inevitable, but I have to let it out. So, please bear with me (if you can, that is!). During the two years I have been in the adver...



Rachana Rao Ok, she's Rachana Krishnamurthy now, but she's my oldest pal and my closest confidante. We grew up together in UAE and u...


Mad ad world!

For those of you who thought that advertising was a fun job, let me tell you from first-hand experience, that it's easier to work for Re...

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