April 30, 2005

Where's our "bhasha" going?

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It's inevitable, but I have to let it out. So, please bear with me (if you can, that is!). During the two years I have been in the advertising business as a copywriter, I feel I am going further from the language than getting closer to it. By 'language' I mean, real English, examples of which we hardly see nowadays. When I first started out, I used the most beautiful expressions and the most appropriate phrases - only to be rejected. Why? Because, I was told, simplicity is the essence of copywriting, not your lingual expertise. Besides, who has time to read your flowing copy? Cut it down to two crisp lines.

Thus, my hard work would be mercilessly chopped into piecemeal that was more easily digestible. Clients today want every innovation in the language possible, which in reality, is only pollution and corruption. How else did "Anything Karega" get picked up from the waste paper basket? Beats me.

Therefore, I have made up my mind to quit this anything-goes (kuch bhi chalega) world of advertising, and get into something that retains some respect for language like journalism. When that will happen, I cant say. But...Watch out!