December 19, 2005

When I was on the cover of TIME magazine…

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Actually, it was for 15 seconds, and it was on a digital sign. But it was a 45-foot tall sign at Times Square, New York. And it made me feel like a big shot! I really do applaud TIME for making people feel special by running this promotion. Here’s the low-down: TIME invited 50,000 people to submit their snaps online, to promote Person of the Year. I gave it try, and let’s face it, I was only one of the thousands of faces flashed on the sign. But the feeling is exhilarating, the thought that I was there, miles away from where I sat. I hope to visit New York some day, but at least I have already been there, in a way.

Here’s a webcam shot of my brief appearance, at 8:29 PM on 15th December 2005: