Critical times

It seems to me that we are increasingly becoming a judgemental race. Especially with so many outlets to express ourselves, we are taking the opportunity to criticise as many people as possible (famous or infamous) as we can – whether we have the credibility to do so or not. The irony of criticism is that by criticising critical behaviour itself, I am being judgemental too!

There is nothing wrong with criticism of course; it is what brings about positive change. But something makes me think that our attitude is changing to a large extent – we want to say something controversial, we want to point out faults that no one has noticed. In short, we want to add to the fire of raging negativity. For God’s sake, we are turning into chronic pessimists! No longer do we look up to people for their exceptional qualities. We hardly find our public figures ‘inspiring’ (I agree, there are not many contenders). Would Martin Luther King have had the same following he did years ago? Maybe he would, but I am sure there would have been a ‘Martin Luther King is a sham’ blog up somewhere, if he were protesting in the current times.

I think this change in perception has come with the change in media. People are largely becoming part of the media, through numerous channels of interaction. This cultivates the attitude that “there is no difference between me and the person on television” (I am not referring to movie stars here – they are hardly real-life heroes). I am not saying that world leaders are above us. But we must realise that there is a struggle behind every success story, and it’s not easy to reach such a position. Nor are these people saints, they come with their fair share of limitations. As do we. But when was the last time you analysed yourself? When did you think about how you could become a better individual? When was the last time you took a step to change the world around you? Think about it. It’s a hell lot better than wasting your energy in criticising someone. And it will make you feel good too.
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