Fear the mosquito

What place does the tiny mosquito have in the ecosystem? Very insignificant, to say the least. Yet, the very same insect is bringing humanity down to its knees. Here in Delhi, the mere sight of a mosquito fills one with dread. Dengue is the much feared disease, taking a greater toll by the day. And the threat is not unfounded, it is unfortunately, very real. Besides fear, there is also human suffering. It's heart-wrenching to see that people are lying on the floors of hospitals (not themselves earmarks of cleanliness) waiting for medical attention. Which brings me to the basic question: is cleanliness such a difficult goal to achieve for the government? We plan to host the Commonwealth Games in four years, but can we succeed in doing that while neglecting basic amenities?

I do not need to specify the civic disasters which plague Delhi. Power cuts and lack of adequate water supply are just part of it. Subways are havens for filth, breeding insects and stray animals. Sewers in the smaller colonies are left open. Only with the fear of dengue on their heads, have city dwellers gone ahead to close their sewers at their own expense. Garbage bins are nowhere in sight in most residential areas - where are the people to dispose of their garbage? They have no choice but to pay garbage collectors who dispose of it wherever convenient.

Something is missing here. Some link, some connect on the part of the Delhi government to take its civic role seriously. Efforts are usually triggered by a disease outbreak or a visit by a foreign official (Even then, only those areas are spruced up which falls on the foreign official's route!). Again, there is something lacking in Delhi-ites too. They dont think twice before throwing out an empty packet of chips from their car on to the road. They see nothing wrong with spitting out pan even in cyber cafes. And nothing can beat the man I recently saw relieving himself on a newly-constructed flyover. Unless he has a bladder problem, that man should be behind bars, if you ask me.
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