Marriages of convenience?

Many would not agree that infidelity in marriage or a committed relationship is a new phenomenon. It is not. The inclination to digress is an instinct present in every man and woman. However, I think people have mistaken freedom for lack of stability in the modern age. Yet, one can argue that infidelity was as prevalent earlier as it is today – it was just not out in the open. I think the tendency to be disloyal has increased with the changing definition of marriage and relationships. While earlier, relationships were about sacrifice, now they are about convenience. Nobody wants to give up any part of their lives for their spouse. The husband doesn’t want to lose his ‘freedom’ and the woman doesn’t want to compromise on her career. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that I don’t see the commitment anymore. People seem to be thinking only about themselves. They seem to forget that any relationship requires a give and take. While I may not be qualified for writing on such a topic as I am not married, I have observed enough from everyday life to come to the conclusion that marriage is not considered a sacred institution anymore.

Coming back to the aspect of infidelity, it may not be new, but it is a growing one. Couples are not as dedicated to spending time on working out their problems anymore. Like everything else, they want express solutions – which lead to express relationships. Nothing good comes out of it, however, and only weakens the belief in the concept of marriage. I think we must not blindly go ahead trying to create new paths in any direction. It is always better to learn something from the values of previous generations. They may not have had the best marriages, but they were willing to strive to keep them going. I find it disheartening that couples have the smallest of excuses for indulging in infidelity. They may not have the same preferences or have their points of difference. But who doesn’t? Does that give you the right to trample on your spouse's trust and love? Today, we need to respect (and maybe, reassess) the boundaries recommended by religious and social norms. They are there for a reason.
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