The chill doesn't bite!

Winter has been disappointing this time round in Delhi. There was a time, not very long ago, when people used to be warned against the Delhi cold. Alas, what a misnomer it is now! One of the things I have noticed this winter is that the city does not look like a modern version of Kabul. There are no walking blankets passing you by! People are doing well enough with a sweater and muffler. I don't know who to blame for the weather shift - George Bush for global warming or the Delhi traders for setting the city alight during their sealing protests. Nevertheless, I do miss the Delhi winter.

I understand that the real people to comment on the weather should be the homeless, but I just see the slum kids in knickers running around barefoot with careless abandon. When winter first set in, I felt I was the only one feeling the warmth. Now I notice people hanging up their coats and jackets in office, and they only seem to be wearing sweaters out of respect for the winter.

I guess more than the weather itself, it is our mind which makes us feel hot or cold. Now that I strongly believe that winter's not really here, nothing makes me feel chilly.

Temperatures apart, I think December's a wonderful month with a very festive feel to it, as the countdown to the new year begins. Now, thats another story...
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