March 28, 2006

Are we aging faster?

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I think we are. This is no scientific treatise, but just my observation. We may be leading longer lives thanks to medical advances, but how stress-free are these lives of ours? One look around me makes it clear that stress has become so a part of us. I am surrounded by 20-somethings that are so hassled, they look like they are in their mid-30s.

I mean, who would have thought ten years ago that people in their 20s would succumb to heart attacks? But it's not something unusual today. I believe that the whole affair is driven by our consumerist/capitalist economy. It's simple: people want more material products and luxury services than ever before. They want to live the life they see so often on the media, right from that new multi-million dollar yatch bought by a celeb to an industrialist's super lavish wedding arrangements for his daughter. Everyone on the other side of the media thus becomes an aspirant. And to pay for all that stuff, people need to work hard, damn hard. They justify their 12-14 hour work duration by partying hard over the weekend, which leaves them exhausted. Health, in this process, goes to the dogs.

I don't think anything material gained out of burning yourself out is worth it. After all, you will only end up more miserable in old age with a gazillion ailments. So, my suggestion to all those hassled people out there living life at breakneck speed (literally!) is to...S-L-O-W D-O-W-N! Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee in the morning instead of reading about natural disasters in the newspapers (or worse, watching it on television). Ask your spouse how he/she's doing and give your kids a hug. In short, don't miss the scenery on your journey of life. It does'nt matter if you don't own a mansion, but you will at least have a healthy heart.