June 14, 2006

Delhi loves barging in!

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Not been a Delhiite for long (six years is hardly anything for this city with a glorious history). From what I have observed, there is one thing common to most of Delhi's dwellers - the act of barging in. I don't know why Dilliwalas (sounds better) are always in a hurry, after all, we are no commercial capital. But, as happens very often, a signal on some busy intersection stops working - and then you see them in their full form. A rickshaw-wala will stand in the middle of nowhere, a Honda City guy will abuse him incessantly, threatening the poor soul with dire consequences. One supposedly helpful guy will try to coordinate the traffic, while actually he just wants to get his own vehicle out of the mess. The barging in does'nt stop here. Neighbours in Delhi live up the 'nosey' tag with glee. You may not know what's happening in your own house, but your neighbours will definitely keep you updated (and the last thing they care about is the truth). Coming back to the roads, where the best specimens are, I fear most for the two-wheeler drivers. They make it a point to study every passing female (humans only) even if they have to turn their heads 280-degrees while driving. Right now a curious onlooker (okay, its a colleague!) is reading this behind my shoulder, so I stop right here. But if you ever visit Delhi - remember, it's just eyeballs and long noses.