India's online revolution: Are we there yet?

Online advertising may be doing great in India, but I think ecommerce has a long way to go here. Take online retailing. It seems the best of...


'White Mughals': An unspoken history

William Dalrymple's White Mughals describes the British in India in a way which is different from anything most of us have grown up le...


It's not about's human nature

I have realised that most wars and clashes are not really about religion, they are about an inherent part of human nature to discriminate. T...


Credibility vs Convenience

I recently had the opportunity of attending the India Digital Summit 2007 held here in New Delhi. One of the fears expressed by speakers was...


Boredom doesn't kill...but comes close!

I have heard that animals don't get bored. It's purely a human trait. Man, how I wish we could get rid of this cumbersome trait! Who...


Contamination of language

'Contamination' is a fate no language can avoid. It has happened to all our ancestral languages like Latin, Nordic and Persian, tran...


The age of mediocrity

A thought-provoking article in Spiked Online ( Are you the Person of the Year ?, Rob Killick) has well, provoked my thoughts. Time Magazine&...


What's happy about the new year?

I do not want to start the year on a gloomy note, but the above question has been haunting me for the past three days. Here in Delhi, the su...

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