Boredom doesn't kill...but comes close!

I have heard that animals don't get bored. It's purely a human trait. Man, how I wish we could get rid of this cumbersome trait! Who doesn't get bored? Whether its a head of state attending a conference or a kid attending a family get-together - no matter where you are, you can't avoid being bored. I feel that I am particularly susceptible to this disease...nothing catches my attention for long. It's not that I can't focus, it's just that I start yearning for change...any change!

In fact, my worst days in office are not the ones when I am overloaded with work, it's when I have nothing to do. And the funny thing is, when you realise you're getting bored, it just starts gnawing on fungus on a soggy wall.

Well, here's a list of the top 10 things that bore me:
  1. Sitting in office with nothing to do
  2. Watching (by chance) a saas-bahu TV serial
  3. Attending a meeting that no one is interested in
  4. Hearing someone go on & on & on about smtg I already know
  5. Attending a social function where I don't know anyone
  6. Reading a government/public company press release
  7. Standing in a long queue
  8. Receiving a call from the bank/telco to confirm my details
  9. Waiting at an uninteresting spot
  10. During a power-cut, waiting for it to return

Havn't been able to come up with the way out in situations like these, but I am open to ideas!

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