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I've always had a love-hate relationship with the city I live in. I love Delhi for its beautiful trees, wide roads and the peeping history at every corner. I hate it for other things - which I will elaborate later. Of late, I have been noticing a number of websites which show you just how 'eventful' a city Delhi is (some listed below). Culture has always been the byword in this with a number of art and photo exhibitions, musical performances, plays and social events. It feels good to be here, knowing that there is so much to see, so much to discover and appreciate. It's soothing to spend an evening at the India Habitat Centre which really feels like the cultural nexus of Delhi (for those who havn't been here, it was filmed as Delhi University in Rang De Basanti). I love leafing through books at the cosy and inviting Oxford Book Store in Connaught Place.

Now, as much as I love the city, I still don't feel completely at ease. Travelling is always a nightmare. Haggling with auto drivers is worse than a nightmare. Taxi services are not as accessible as in Mumbai.

That's the reason I can't explore Delhi as much as I would like to. But I try not to let that get in the way. As with everything else in life, Delhi is a win some-lose some city. And I love it! Or do I really? Uhhhhhh....

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Anonymous said...

bang on the nail about the shortcomings and lack of respect for women in delhi. I used to organise several walks with friends (not from Delhi or unaware of it) in various parts of old & north delhi. Often we had to run into lechers/oglers of all sorts and all ages. a saying goes that if you want to measure the maturity of a society, then find out how they treat their women. Dilli is juvenile.
But it has too much of heritage under its belly. So much that delhiites have lost teh zeal to preserve it.
incidentally, your header was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Explocity has same link as yahoo & thanks for appreciating my efforts! ; - )

Gugan said...


i guess every city would make someone feel tht way!!

u know, thts what we call paradox.
And India, of course, is land of paradoxes!!!

and hey!! i jus got my blog updated:)


Sharique said...

You should come down to chennai to see the autowalahs..i am sure they will beat all levels of rudeness as compared to any other place.

Atif said...

i agree with with sharique as far as madrasi autowalas are concerned.delhi culture is part of north indian culture and you will find the same in almost entire western U.P./Haryana and Punjab.Girls of this belt are quite strong atleast mentally and try to avoid many things which any normal girl in other place like Bombay, Pune or Bnagalore will do.yes delhi is bad for girls and good for boys.

My Delhi City said...
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