Freedom of expression...what's that?!

And the debate continues...Should Parzania be screened in Gujarat? Should Traffic Signal not be shown in Himachal Pradesh? Should Black Friday have been delayed for as long as it did? The movies are different, but the point is the same - why have they been prohibited from lawful screening? In the case of Parzania, the ban has been dictated by extremist group Bajrang Dal and not the government. Moreover, this is about freedom of expression, which seems to have been redefined in the extreme by Indian authority figures. Now, you are only allowed to say something if it doesn't hurt the sentiments (tsk!) of some people (read extremist groups).

Have the people of India become overly sensitive or does the State think they can't form their own opinions? If a movie like Parzania, based on the Gujarat riots of 2002, can fuel communal clashes, so can our leaders be accused of dividing the people (vote bank) on communal lines? In fact, Bajrang Dal activists have gone to the extent of saying that if the director had portrayed the Godhra incident, they would have a different view. That's clearly saying that what happened to Muslims in the aftermath of Godhra was somehow justified because the lives of the people who were burned alive in Godhra were more important in their eyes. Let's remember that no court of law has proven that Muslims were behind the Godhra attack. From what I see, it was a premeditated political drama in play with everything planned out like a screenplay - the actors being the easily-misled public playing in the hands of politicians.

Coming back to freedom of expression, it's all a sham. Or Water would never had to be shot in Sri Lanka. Deepa Mehta's movie on Hindu widows has even been nominated for the Oscars, but I wonder if Indians will ever be 'allowed' to see it by our patriarchal government. Recently, the state has taken the liberty of deciding what is good and what is not for the Indian masses to watch on the big or small screen. Smoking's not allowed, you know. It might lead our gullible youth astray. "Sexy music videos" are also not allowed, same reason as above. Man, looks like we are a country of gullible morons who don't know right from wrong.

Increasingly, the behaviour of the government has become like a naani (grandmother). But sometimes, even naani used to look the other way...knowing well enough that her admonitions would only be heard by one ear and ejected by the other.
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Ankita said...

You know... I agree so much with u...
Our so called "moral and social guardians".. all rules fail for them.. they are above the law... oh we are the kids who need to be told wat to do and wat to see... In simple English "hypocrisy at its best"

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