Happy Gooey/Mushy/Lovely/Anti-Indian Valentine's Day!

Couples in India spent another day in trepidation this Valentine's Day. They weren't sure which of their actions would be interpreted as 'anti-Indian' resulting in humiliation, violence or threats from hooligans. Hooligans who are affiliated to various organisations claiming to protect Indian culture from dangerous Western influences like Valentine's Day.

Marketers, of course, were unperturbed. They tried their loudest to exclaim that your expression of love would not be complete without the big diamond or a satellite radio subscription. Yet others made sure you paid five times or more for a single stem of wilting rose. If you walked into a pizza parlour or a coffee shop, you had to choose from their V-Day special menu consisting of everything edible shaped like a heart.

As for the people, there are two types who celebrate V-Day. One, those who genuinely feel all mushy and can't wait to express it. Two, those who are unwittingly caught in the web and know that it has become de rigeur to offer the bouquet of red roses and the box of imported chocolates. There's no escape, so they might as well enjoy it. Needless to say, this is the majority of people.

Again, there are two types of people who don't celebrate V-Day. One, people who think they are beyond the whole affair and don't need to express their love unconditionally esp. through expensive gifts. This category usually consists of couples who have been together for a long time and are so full of each other they can't stand the thought of a quiet, candle light dinner with each other (or at least, can't imagine it). Two, people who turn up their noses and say they don't believe in the concept of Valentine's Day because it's too gooey for their taste. This usually consists of self-pitying singles who won't admit it.

Having said all this, you would wonder where I stand, because I am expected to have an opinion of my own, after all. Well, I am a little bit of the self-pitying single and a bit of the 'caught in the web' person. As they say, it takes all kinds to make up this world. And a few confused people like me thrown in.
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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading it :)

Anonymous said...

Quiet informative about v-day and marketer's strategies behind exploring opportunities in expressing love. Now we can see that love had crossed phase of being personal and it's matter of show.


Ankita said...

u definitely aint self- pitying...
jokes apart...
really well written...
luks lyk gotta take a few lessons frm you

Gugan said...


thts an excellent description of the reality!!

evrybody fits in there somewhere!!
I'm a self-pitying single type!!:(


Anonymous said...

exceptional understanding of the valentine day syndrom....may be one day we see a nicely done book by you and realsed on the v day ........fully exploring it's marketing abalities.

Anonymous said...

wherever u stand i'm with you

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