So, who's King?

I promised myself I would NOT write about this...but I can't help myself anymore! I know the KBC 3-Shah Rukh debate has been going on for ages, but I think the whole thing is uncalled for. For the people living in Honolulu, Shah Rukh has replaced Amitabh Bachchan as the new host of popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). If you look at the debate on media website, you realise that people (including the gossip-sniffing media) have created this whole 'cold war'. There were rumours hanging in the air earlier, but now KBC has become the perfect opportunity to brew the rivalry between Bollywood's biggest icons.

Personally, I think people are being scathing to SRK. Once the unsatisfactory TAM figures were out, they were only too happy to say "Look! We told you. Shah Rukh can never be Big B!" Wait a sec now, what makes them think SRK would want to be Big B? Hasn't he worked all his life to create his own identity, his own style? Shah Rukh is probably the only actor who can get away with being egoistic and ultra-confident. In fact, he makes it look like a style statement. As for the TAM figures, the TV channel has explained that the research techniques used earlier were different and there are other factors like a cricket series which could have affected the ratings.

As far as KBC is concerned, SRK was hired for his persona. And he's doing a great job - if you ask me - because he's not trying to ape Big B, he's being himself. And if you think this is a fan ranting - it's not. I just think it's unfair to compare the two on any grounds. Every star has his personality and he should not be denied that, especially on the grounds that he is unlike some other star.
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Zaigham Hasan said...

Wish, the word comparison had not been termed. This spoils the beauty of one's expression.

Every rose has a different fragrance and different colour but still looks beautiful... Even herbarium

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