Where's my paper, boy?

The last thing you expect from a newspaper is shoddy logistics. I mean, you can expect an online retailer or mobile service provider to goof up, but...newspapers? And that too, from a renowned media conglomerate. I am talking about Mint, the new business newspaper from the Hindustan Times group. They launched their campaign with a lot of hoopla about how the paper would make business news more readable. I can't comment on whether they are delivering on their promise. That's because I havn't been able to read it. So, what I can comment on is the fact that I have subscribed to it a long time ago (for a daily, every day counts) and I still havn't had the satisfaction of forming an opinion on it. The facts are these: I paid online for a year's subscription of Mint on the 1st of this month, and I still don't have it. There was no other way of subscribing at the time and they were offering free access to the Wall Street Journal for a month. So, I went for it. After repeatedly e-mailing them (as they offer no other route of customer service) I am still waiting for the newspaper to slip through my door. I can understand a start-up going through teething troubles, but isn't timely delivery the backbone of a newspaper? And this is not expected of Hindustan Times either. Worst part is, when I did receive a reply to my nth mail, I was just marked on an internal mail directing someone to "resolve" it. And it's not just me, a few of my colleagues are facing the same situation after having made the payment. It's a shame really.
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Gugan said...


its shockin to know that newspaper of such a high reputation does not have proper logistics in place.

when it comes to subscription to newspaper our conventional way of bookin thru our local agent helps !!i guess it must have set off to start atleast now!!


Tarana Khan said...

Addendum...Despite 'threatening' Mint that I want to cancel my subscription, they still havn't responded.

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