Blogs on way out? You've got to be kidding!

A funny guy named Tony Allen-Mills has written on Times Online that blogging may be "destined to become a footnote in the history of computing". Now, that's news to me. He's backed this premise by research which states that 200 million blogs have been created and then abandoned.

The article goes on with examples of celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Melanie Griffith to support its story. There are yet other examples, from ordinary bloggers who havn't updated their blogs in a while. Firstly, we don't really need celebs to add a fillip to the world of blogging. Secondly, some people hang in there, some don't. What's the news in that?

What I find particularly unreasonable is the conclusion that blogging is an "extraordinary failure." Well, like it or not, Mr. Allen-Mills, I feel that blogging has empowered millions to voice their thoughts and share it with like-minded people. I can think of 20 blogs at the least which are regularly flooded with comments, and insightful ones at that.

I agree, not everyone is a writer, but that does not prevent people from becoming a part of the discussion platform that the blogosphere offers. I think the article completely missed out on the interactivity of the medium, and the fact that blogging is not just an individual activity but very often a community effort.

The article goes on to say:

Some internet analysts call them “ghost blogs”, lingering reminders of a cultish enthusiasm for self-expression that is rapidly wearing off. Others liken the abandonment of blogs to “the suicide of your virtual self”. At least one internet writer blames the blogging culture for helping to turn the internet into a “dictatorship of idiots”.
As far as the issue of abandonment goes, that happens with every technology. For instance, how many e-mail accounts do you have? Do you use them all regularly? In the beginning, we created a lot of e-mail accounts but ended up abandoning a lot of them. The same thing happens with social networking sites. You get invited to dozens, sign up for a few, but regularly visit only one or two.

Really now, this a saddening relegation of bloggers to 'just-another-fad'. And it seems to me to be the reaction of newspaper-worshipping dinosaurs who are unaware that the world changed a long time ago...
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AMODINI said...

I agree - I don't see it fading anytime soon.

Sharique said...

There people are jealous of bloggers. They are jealous of money bloggers are making from their blogs. They are jealous because bloggers, with not even half the calibre as these 'professional writers', get audience.

Consumer said...

Yeah, clearly the funny guy will not be amused that his article is discussed more in to the blogosphere than elsewhere.
At another level, if we compare blohs with any media, look at it this way. Even if we assume 225 million blogs worldwide, out of which just 1% survive, that's a not too inconsequential 22 lakh odd blogs. A much more interesting read than The Times at any rate:) Tarana will onviously be right up there, with a post a day?

Zaigham Hasan said...

Ask him to produce another study with the opening lines, "once upon a time there used to be internet” . And, this should be based on the premise that, bazillions on email ids were created worldwide an abandoned. Let him do the wrong sampling like, only free Ids like yahoo and hotmail, especially should be taken for study.

They are not taught statistics and sampling at school. His article shows his family background, schooling and the university culture. But, we need such creatures, because we need entertainment also. And everyone knows that, the morons are best entertainers. Can you imagine the world without morons??

Zaigham Hasan said...

I think I have written too much in my last comment. Now I feel bad about being impolite.

This was mainly because I believe that, nothing is more serious crime than educating something wrong or untrue. This affects the generations (in this case the industry).

Anonymous said...

very true blogging is here to stay and that too for a long period of time. Nice post.

Ankita said...

blogging unlimited !!!

scorpank said...

It's heartening to see that the people who wanted to become famous through their blog are finally getting a taste of reality. For me blogging was always about self expression and not for grabbing attention. I'm really quite glad to see the crap being cut out with a dose of reality. The mediocre blogs do not deserve attention and they should die. Good things will always get their due; sooner or later.

Hill Goat said...

If there is one group which has single-handedly killed journalism in India and turned printing of a newspaper into printing of a soap-cover (with glossy paper and gleaming bathing girls), it is Times of India Group. next on their agenda is toilet-rolls, with newsprint variety. long live the Jain brothers.

Tarana Khan said...

Hill Goat, you've hit it right on the spot!!

Mr. Diabetes said...

All said and done.... Hats off to Tony Allen-Mills...Mills did what he wanted 2 do with his article! Get the much needed publicity...thanks to bloggers who were offended with Mills's comments in the article..imagine the clicks the article would have recieved and the web traffic the web-site would have generated. Even i visited the article 2 ckeck it out!... Congrats Mills, U're famous now!

"There are always 2 sides of a Coin"

Tarana Khan said...


Times Online does not need to do this kind of publicity...

Mr. Diabetes said...


Always remember, all kinda publicity is good publicity..... and anyways, such articles will not put times online in trouble... all it will recieve is more and more webtraffic... good for anywebsite.. and any businessman...
Remember i said - there r 2 sides of a coin....u'r looking at 1 side only

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