New-age mouse trap? Not really!

I am one of those new media junkies sociologists worry about. It is only recently that I have noticed this tendency in myself. I am more comfortable with the mouse than I have ever been with a pen. I prefer mailing people sitting right next to me (yes, I do that - and the people next to me even reply to them). I try to find solutions to everything online. I have stopped using the dictionary. Now, I use Word Web. I don't write notes. I use Post-It software. When I have to plan my day, I look for events of the day on the net. Most of the time, I keep in touch with friends through forwarded emails. I hardly transact in cash (except to the pay the rickshaw wallah). I buy stuff through my credit & debit cards, preferring retailers who take plastic. I pay my phone and electricity bills online. Even my credit card bills. If I lend money, you guessed it, I transfer it online. And to confess something - I often wish I could withdraw money through the PC instead of going to the ATM.

I order books online pretty often, though I am not very comfortable with ordering gadgets and clothes. But I sincerely hope I will be able to order my groceries online one day - even in the middle of the night.

Lest you think I am a complete net addict, let me clarify. I read newspapers regularly and I always have a book next to my bed. The only difference is - when I like an article in the paper, I don't cut it out and keep a clipping - I bookmark it. And when I read a book, I review it on this blog.

And the only reason I really prefer doing most of these activities online is because I want to use my precious free time in productive activities. Like watching a good movie or a play, or visiting an art gallery. So, it's not that bad after all. New technologies can really be a good thing if you use it for the right reasons. It can actually make your life more worthwhile. Take social networking. Traditionalists may blame people for staying in touch through scraps, but I have met at least 20 long-lost friends through Orkut! even if through scraps, I am now a least in touch with them.

I am sure there are lots of people out there like me. So, Mr. Social Psychologist, you really don't need to worry about tech increasing the mental dependance of humans, rather it frees up the mind for more worthy pursuits.
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Zaigham Hasan said...

By the way what is your mouse-name?

Gugan said...


yeah..there are arguments that these technology has made man slave to machines.
What matters is how one is comfortable with it and how productively it could be put to use.
And you want your PC to spit out cash?heheheeee...

Sharique said...

Touch and feel technology is coming soon to internet..perhaps one day people would have never have to leave their houses..i am just waiting for it to happen

Hill Goat said...

nice tongue-in-cheek piece. admired the parting shot, or tail in the sting, to use a cliche
Btw, here is a blog for the technocrati, which updates new programmes and simplifies gizmos, with a very personal and subjective opinion -- called geekseek (this chap is all over IBN btw)

Unknown said...

Yes, i also want all these things online which are not currently available. ; - )

& do keep checking events online..haha

Cheers, Rohit

Zaigham Hasan said...

Worried about paying cash to autowallas?
Wait for a while. Soon you will have a technology which will connect your cellular to your bank account. Once it’s done, then you just need to send an SMS to autowalla e.g. CT 80.00 9820012345 (Cash Transfer amount autowallah's no.) just like e-recharge.

In turn they will repeat the same thing to the khaini-wallas for tobacco.

Hence everyone’s transactions will be transparent to the IT department and they will collect huge amount of tax from the beggars.

Tarana Khan said...

Wow! What a wonderful world that would be! But as with everything else, I am sure they'll think of a way to subvert the system.

Ankita said...

um amazed gurl at the finesse wid which u capture everything...

but yeah one thing definitely scrares me..
what if there z a power cut nd the UPS doesn wok..
Scary.. isnt it...

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