Riot victims or political pawns?

The present Indian government seems to have developed a certain sympathy for the riot victims of 2002 in Gujarat. The Indian Express reports that about Rs 106 crore will be given to the riot victims who were denied justice. I find this news extremely upsetting because now the NPA government is using these victims for their political gain.

I am all for compensating riot victims but it is unfortunate that the government can think of them only prior to the Uttar Pradesh elections. Very cleverly, the Congress has tried to attain multiple objectives with this one announcement. One, it is using the taxpayers' money (which may or may not reach the actual victims) to publicise its own sympathy for the people. Two, it has its eye firmly on the Muslim vote bank in UP. Three, by reminding people of the Gujarat tradegy, it is reiterating the failure of the opposition party, BJP, when it was in power. If only these politicians used their intelligent minds for nobler purposes, we would have been living in a cleaner country.

Another thing I stringently object is the method of appeasing victims of any injustice only with money. Five years after one of the worst crimes against humanity, what good will the money do? Why, instead, did they not declare how many of the offenders of the riots were punished? Because we all know the answer to that - none. And oh, what a shameful admission that would be for any government, wouldn't it?! It's always better to spend some money and get the votes in.
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Unknown said...

yes, it's really a sad think to know that nobody is punished...even after it's shown to the public through a movie.

ankita said...

pretty tru..
all tht matters to the politicians z the vote bank...
behiind all the hocus-pocus, their hidden agenda z garnerin maximum votes..
we r alwaz taken for a ride and the beauty of the situation z tht we let them do it...

Sindbad the Sailor... said...

Oh yeah...they sanctioned the money, but i donno who will report when the compensation reaches them, if at all it does!!!

Vote-bank politics is the hallmark of our democracy, though many other positive points are present.

Visiting your blog first time, its beautiful.

AMODINI said...

I don't think money can ever compensate for the loss of loved ones. And by attempting to fob off victims by disbursing funds and NOT CATCHING the perpetrartors, the government shows it's weak-willed and spineless and essentially unable to protect it's own people. Whither national pride ?

Anonymous said...

Giving money is a gimmick that politicians try to exploit shamelessly. Still, if its buys a few more meals for the affected, I hope they get the money - though it should not be confused with giving them justice.

As you rightly pointed out, this has to do with the Muslim vote in UP. My whole-hearted hope is that Muslims everywhere NEVER vote for the Congress - they will never do any real good to Muslims, and they will never do any good to the country either. Vote for any party, but this opportunistic, status-quo seeking, feudal party.

Zaigham Hasan said...
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Zaigham Hasan said...

All for Political reasons!! What you have said is true Gujarat Carnage is being reminded, obviously to create polarization and making India as a Terrorist Processing Zone.

These politicians are so very ugly that, they arouse feelings by bringing up sensitive issues by various different ways and means e.g. the movie Black Friday long awaited for the right time of its release.

I know only one thing i.e. the people who fall prey to such politically created situations is either fully illiterate or unemployed.

Misfortune of the good people who do not participate in politics is that, they have to live in the government of bad people.

Unknown said...

if you think that congress is trying to get any mileage in U.P. by doing so, you are wrong.congress knows it well that it does not have any chance in far as giving money to victims are concerned, i request you to visit any such area and see yourself, how much they need. it's true that most of the money will not go to them, but atleast some will get something. something is better than nothing.lastly we should never forget Gujrat. it was state sponsored genocide and almost all the memebrs of ruling party were invloved. riot is a very common thing in india, but this was diffrent.

Hill Goat said...

Tarana, your sense of politics is improving.

Tarana Khan said...

That's a real compliment...coming from you!

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