Banning sex or education?

The ban on sex education in schools by the state governments of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat is to my mind equivalent of shooting the messenger who brings unpleasant news. I won't get into the politics of the decision, but looks like the heads of our government are burying their head in the sand.

It looks like the patriarchal government is not ready to accept the fact that there is a gradual loss of innocence among the youth of today. In this ban, there is a classic confusion between cause and effect. We are bringing in sex education because the young generation needs advice, and this is after they have already been exposed to the winds of change.

We live in a media environment where newspapers have become as bold as Mallika Sherawat - the new icon of unbridled sexuality. An atmosphere where TV channels and magazines have, so to say, lost their innocence. This is the age where parents hardly have the time to tell their children what is wrong or right. Whether we like it or not, the moral rot has already set in. the least we can do is accept it and help our kids get out of the mess.

So, what sex education is actually doing is clearing up the dirt dug up by the erosion of moral values. What's the point in banning it? It won't stop what has already happened in the young minds of today. Does the government think that by this move it is banning the changing mindset of the world around us? Not by a long shot. And I think we all know that.

Whatever the reasons behind this moral erosion, the consequences are staring us in the face, and the sooner we acknowledge their presence, the better.

And I ask our honourable protectors-of-culture a few more questions:

What have you done to control underage drinking? And drugs. What have you done to rehabilitate the young drug addicts on the streets who get into the habit to overcome the torture at the hands of policemen and thugs? What have you done to protect the children who are trafficked in the sex trade? What about the kids suffering from HIV/AIDS?

We know very well that the answer does not lie in banning FTV or sex education. It lies in taking responsibility for the results before us. If the seeds of growth that India is sowing are rotten (by our own negligence), one can only imagine what the crop will be like.
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ankurindia said...

nice blog

Mr. Diabetes said...

Excellent!!! Its a hard hitting article!!! Keep up the Good Work!!!

And I sincerely believe that there should be sex education lessons at the school level....Studies would be so much fun with it!!

Unknown said...

Very true rana, Sex education is really very essential and should be incorporated into the Indian Educational System right from the root levels. In a country like India, where the no of people affected by HIV+ diseases is amongst one of the highest in the world, it should be taken up as a serious matter and the corrective steps should begin soon by letting the school kids knowing it in the formal manner rather than using some illegal or prohibited resources.

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