Judicial interruption

It does seem like our country is being ruled by courts nowadays, instead of the government. It's not a bad idea, of course, when the court steps in to correct a blaring mismanagement by the government. Like the sealings in Delhi, and various laws to curb excesses by ministers and members of the Parliament.

But, now, it seems the courts are taking their role too seriously. When I saw a report in The Indian Express that the Delhi High Court was warning overweight air hostesses (yes, you read that right), it was a little difficult to digest. In fact, it's funny. What next? They'll ban fast food because it's not healthy? I mean, if the judges are so pissed about fat and snooty air hostesses, why don't they travel by private airlines? There are so many legal issues pending in the air travel sector. One of them is fixing the compensation for citizen victims of flight disasters, something that is surprisingly not in place in India. There are so many other gross injustices that the courts could take cognizance (their words, not mine) of, but who do they pick on? Overweight air hostesses.

Come to think of it. Everybody with a little power is trying to rule this country in their way. The politicians don't want to pay highway toll or stand in queue at an airport. The judges, meanwhile, plot their next victim (after street food, is it fast food?). The right wing extremists complain that nobody gives a damn about Indian culture, except them. And they will go to any lenght to protect it.

While the rest of us? We are still struggling for our basic rights. We are still bribing the very officials we elect for water, electricity, phone and legal protection.
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