'Chak de India': Makes you feel good

Ah, I can't seem to avoid the India theme for the past few posts. But believe me, it's unavoidable. After watching Chak De India I ...


No silence please, we're Indians!

Indians have always been averse to silence. No wait, that's an understatement...they have a morbid fear of it! Put two Indians together ...


Ten reasons I am proud to be an Indian

I admit that I am prone to be negative and critical when it comes to my country. So, for a change, on the occasion of Independence Day, I wi...


At your own risk...

When you step out of your home in Delhi, do so at your own risk. Everyday, at least one person dies under the wheels of a private bus on Del...


Waterways of Delhi

One night of blissful, hearty rain in Delhi, and what do you wake up to? A mock flood, that's what. And I use the word 'mock' be...

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