The age of mediocrity

A thought-provoking article in Spiked Online (Are you the Person of the Year?, Rob Killick) has well, provoked my thoughts. Time Magazine's choosing everyone who has led the internet revolution as Person of the Year has been subject to debate. Truly, new media like the internet and mobile have given people the voice to express their thoughts - but it has not given them the ability to think desirably. How would I find 'desirably'? I would say that it would be to think in a way which is morally or socially acceptable. It is good to question the society, religion, principles, government and what-not as an expression of your thoughts. But how many of us actually suggest a better way of doing things or actively involve ourselves in improving the world around us?

The new media-fed generation according to me is an inert generation, which only likes to talk its mouth off, but does little else. In today's world, mediocrity is applauded. People (like me!) can write anything they want to and get away with it. There's no quality-check and no counter perspective. There's no one to look up to and no ideal. We are content to accept the world with all its evils and merely comment on it.

No. This will not do. Why not leave behind our computers and mobiles and talk....discuss...and learn to listen to others' thoughts? Let's learn to be more tolerant of differences and let's actually teach this to each other, and the younger generation.

The web has only succeeded in creating a bunch of hermits who think they know everything they need to know. It's time they came out and looked around and decided first-hand what this world really needs and what they can do about it.
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