'Chak de India': Makes you feel good

Ah, I can't seem to avoid the India theme for the past few posts. But believe me, it's unavoidable. After watching Chak De India I knew this was an unusual movie, for many reasons. One, it's about hockey - our, so to say, national game. Second, it's about women...playing hockey. Third, it's a Yash Raj production starring Shah Rukh and 16 women. I mean, it sounds over-ambitious right from the start...

But fact is, Chak De is a movie which you can't overlook because it has a very real message: A game can be dead serious. And it takes all your dedication and determination to get to the top. Shah Rukh as Kabir Khan plays the coach of the Indian Women's Hockey Team considered the last option any coach would choose. But then, Kabir has his own reasons. Shah Rukh is wonderfully subdued in the film and the actor in him comes out in full bloom and you actually forget his star status. These are the kind of roles one would want to see more in. He's proven himself to be a reigning star and we know he didn't get there without calibre, but it's roles like these which really drive home the point. In fact, it's only after Swades that I have seen only the actor in Shah Rukh and he looks like the role was written just for him, though it is based on a real-life coach's story.

Of course, Shah Rukh is only one half of the movie. The other half consists of 16 very determined girls who have their eye on the ball. Because Chak De is also about the Indian women who are breaking glass ceilings everywhere. It's about changing tradition while remaining true to yourself. It's about firing ambition which is the only way to get to the top.

The point to note is that these women are not just fighting their foreign opponents on the hockey field. They are fighting the system which thinks that cricket is the only real sport. They are fighting the male chauvinism that women do not belong to sports. Overcoming all these hurdles is probably a feat unique to women sports persons in countries like ours. It makes you look at all these women with a new respect and pride.

Overall, Chak De is about feeling good about yourself as an Indian. About a country which can produce heroes like these. It's about knowing full well that any miracle can happen in this country.
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spanicthoughts said...

Sometimes it good to watch these kind of movies with girls. Notice the expression of female crowd when guys are beat up in the movie. All feminism (equality of the sexes is possible only by beating man) pops out from all of my friends who claims not a feminist.

Chalo, if this make them happy. me too happy.

Anyway, i enjoyed the movie, atleast people will not change the TV channel when a hockey match is on.

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