Ten reasons I am proud to be an Indian

I admit that I am prone to be negative and critical when it comes to my country. So, for a change, on the occasion of Independence Day, I will attempt to look at the positive side and list the ten reasons (that come to my mind at this moment) I am proud to be an Indian. Here goes:
  1. I can criticize the State without fear of being picked by the Thought Police. I can voice my political opinion freely and openly.
  2. I can communicate with every other Indian so easily - everybody has a mobile phone. Soon, everybody will have a PC with an Internet connection.
  3. I can travel from one state to another without any formalities. Think about it, in NCR, people live in one state and travel through another to reach yet another state where they work!
  4. I don't have to conform to any standard definition. Any Indian has so many stereotypes even, that you can't even fall in one category! I claim to understand many languages that I have acquired only by interacting with other Indians.
  5. I have never seen a lapse of democratic ideals, even if it's only heard in the voice of the Opposition!
  6. I have such a rich history that I can never stop learning something new about the past of this country.
  7. I can watch a range of films made in my own country - from the entertaining to the thought-provoking to the downright touching.
  8. I can hope for a way out, no matter what the mess we be in - Indians are the masters of jugaad (quick-fix solutions).
  9. I can count upon my fellow Indians to stand up for any injustice - Indians are never known to be put down, and are never short of numbers.
  10. I can hope with confidence that India will get there...somewhere...someday.
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Anonymous said...

nice one

Tarana Khan said...

thanks, musafir!

Lucifer said...

wish i could say these were true for people everywhere in india...m in tam land for the last 2 mnths n was disappointed at the way even our national language is treated here...hindi books being burnt...ignoring people talking in flags being hoisted on independece day...people here have forgotten they r indians...n not just tamils...i might hurt a few sentiments with this comment but m sorry to say this is what i have seen

Ankita said...

"saare jahaan se achcha...hindustan hamara..."
these words weren't penned in vain...

Anonymous said...

Hum, quite interesting, because I was just involved in writing something touching that subject about Rakesh Mehra's Rang de Basanti (here: so I'm wondering what you would think about it.
Thanks for your blog. I got through by some other blogger, don't know who now!

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