ICICI banking...Shoddy banking

You would have thought that after the privatisation of banks in India, we would say goodbye to those long, sweaty queues under a fan that could fall on your head anytime (if there was a fan over your head, that is). Now, you can sit in the comfort of your air-conditioned home or office and waste 3 hours trying to get your problem across the thick head of an incoherent customer care executive.

ICICI Bank is the perfect example. They do a great job of frustrating the hell out of you and you end up actually missing the 'good' old days in fits of insanity. To cite the latest such incident, I had to visit an ICICI Bank branch for an account statement in print. I was there at 9am but had to change three counters because their systems and printers were not up and running. This, for a bank which is supposed to start the day at 8am - I am glad I didnt go earlier.

To make things worse, they are actually charging me 100 bucks plus taxes for that print-out on measly computer paper. I mean, in an age where the cost of banking is going up, you at least expect some perks - but dont expect it from ICICI. They charge you for every little thing and sometimes things that you dont fully understand, like quarterly average balance. Hell, why cant they tell you a fixed amount?

The only saving grace about the bank is its website which is more efficient than all its customer care executives put together. But anything that goes offline becomes a nightmare. Once, my internet account was blocked due to a wrong entry and it took three months of harassing and being harassed to get a new password.

Only recently, on a call with an ICICI exec, I was told that I had to go to my ICICI branch because they hadnt updated my personal details. If they expect me to do that, they can keep expecting.

On the other hand, I also deal with Axis Bank and they have a decent customer care system. In fact, I rarely need to call customer care because they rarely goof up. They send me an SMS for every bank charge and keep me posted through quarterly statements, without my having to ask or pay for them.
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AMODINI said...

You are tagged ! See my latest posts "Middle name tag" for specifics.

Unknown said...

this was nice. i had to suffer many times and still i prefer my old account at S.B.I.

Hill Goat said...

"Good old days"???? Sorry, but are you sure about the good old days of nationalised banking -- Amodini and Atif, please take note, unless you were born on the threshold of the pvt banking.
To take your own hard-earned money in cash would require, filling a tedious self-withdrawal form (if the amount is less than 10k) then submit it and face a few silly questions before you were given a copper-token with a numerical. If you are lucky the number on the token will be displayed on the electronic screen when or if your 'signature' has been matched by a bored-but-stern looking official. However, most of the times, the teller will call out the names then punch in the number in a "gizmo" to flash it for others convenience.
This would mean, if you were relying on teh electronic gazet, you will get your money sure in less than five hours. There was more of the nationalised banking (a brainchild of Socialist Indira)
but we need not go deeper

Please compare it with ICICI ATM and re-think of the call centre girl/boy once again... the nuisance will look like a rat before the tiger

Hill Goat said...

nearly one month and no new post!! All well??
or are you recharging batteries?

Unknown said...

yes hill goat, that was in 1980's. but atleast in my SBI branch in Bangalore, all these have gone and their website is more effective that ICICI.times are changing man.go to some good branch of nationalised bank.

Unknown said...

What a relief. I have no account with any banks nor have credit cards. Me Zindabad. GS RAJAN -

Gugan said...

hey!!all tht is true about ICICI

how come u have not updated ur blog for a quite a long time!!

Hey!!wish u a very happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right - ICICI, I thought it was a good institue, once it took me 16 emails + 9 calls to receive my lost check of $250.00 (my labour would have costed that much) - citibank is bit ok for me.

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