For better or purse?

In a commendable decision, the Delhi High Court has stated that people who give dowry should be pro...


Culture capital & Capital culture

I've always had a love-hate relationship with the city I live in. I love Delhi for its beautiful trees, wide roads and the peeping histo...


Dr Kalam: The level-headed President of India

Among the cacophony of dissenting voices in Indian politics is one leading man who speaks with sinc...


Pamuk's 'Istanbul' has a melancholic soul

Orhan Pamuk beautifully sums up his city in his book Istanbul - Memories of a City in one word: hüz...


Where's my paper, boy?

The last thing you expect from a newspaper is shoddy logistics. I mean, you can expect an online retailer or mobile service provider to goof...


Happy Gooey/Mushy/Lovely/Anti-Indian Valentine's Day!

Couples in India spent another day in trepidation this Valentine's Day. They weren't sure wh...


Freedom of expression...what's that?!

And the debate continues...Should Parzania be screened in Gujarat? Should Traffic Signal not be sh...


Don't rely on Reliance

Welcome to the telecom revolution in India. Here, mobile subscribers have the best of services at t...


India, watch your step!

The Economist's cover story ( 'India on fire' , 1 Feb 2007) has brought to light a ver...


What did you just call me?

Have you heard about the Blank Noise Project ? It's a movement against sexual harassment on the streets of India. A lot of people cringe...


So, who's King?

I promised myself I would NOT write about this...but I can't help myself anymore! I know the KB...


'The Kite Runner': Voice of a shattered nation

You? You've always been a tourist here, you just didn't know it. These are the words that s...


There's still hope for Urdu!

I'd written earlier about how languages like Urdu are being neglected on the web. So, I was ple...

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