'The Namesake': More than a name

When I went to watch The Namesake , I had no presumptions. I hadn't read the book by Jhumpa Lahi...


Blogs on way out? You've got to be kidding!

A funny guy named Tony Allen-Mills has written on Times Online that blogging may be "destined ...


Riot victims or political pawns?

The present Indian government seems to have developed a certain sympathy for the riot victims of 200...


Sights and sounds of Mumbai

Though I was born in Mumbai, I have hardly spent time in the city because I left it when I was on...


Ghalib descends in Nai Dilli!

I have often wondered how the stalwarts of Urdu poetry would have reacted to the gaana-bajaana to t...


New-age mouse trap? Not really!

I am one of those new media junkies sociologists worry about. It is only recently that I have notice...


Getting married? Mind your money

Wedding services will now be taxed, as a result of the Union Budget. A report in Mint (yes, I final...


'The Inheritance of Loss': How many Indias do you know?

Imagery plays a big role in Kiran Desai's book, unfolding each scene before your eyes like a ho...


For better or purse - the other side

A valid comment in my last post by Amodini made me think: ...if you don't want your daughter's worth measured in terms of money (do...

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