Aurangzeb: A play about the zealous Mughal

Natwa Theatre brought us a theatrical performance entitled Aurangzeb, here in New Delhi yesterday. ...


Missing the point

An excellent article by Tavleen Singh ( The case of the kiss , The Indian Express , April 29) talks ...


Small minds...big pressure

I chanced upon this really sarcastically funny comic called 'Moderately Confused' by Jeff St...


'City of Djinns': A mesmerising performance

I admit, I had my reservations about how William Dalrymple's City of Djinns would be adapted to...


Hands up! It's the traffic police

If you happen to visit Delhi any one of these days (unless you stay here), you will be surprised at...


Banning sex or education?

The ban on sex education in schools by the state governments of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat is to my mind equivalent of shooting...


'One Hundred Years of Solitude':

Gabriel García Márquez creates a new dimension in One Hundred Years of Solitude which is where past...


The Forgotten: Victims united in suffering, neglect

I had written earlier about how the compensation announced for Gujarat's riot victims is inadeq...

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