"So, how does it feel..."

Ever since I got married a few months ago, I have been asked this question a million times by every single person I meet. It usually goes, "Sooooo (with a smirk) how does it feel to be married? (smirk becomes a full-toothed smile)?" I never know how to answer this while as I dread the next person who is going to ask me that.

I mean, logically, how are you supposed to answer this question? Of course, life changes after marriage. For some, it's a big change and for some, it's a natural progression. For me, it's been the second thing and I don't know why people are so curious about my post-marital life! So, my natural reaction was to smile back (smirkily?) but now I have had it so much that I just say, "Why does everybody ask me that question?" which is enough to put them on hold.

I guess this has something to do with the fact that people like to state the obvious and it can be very annoying. I mean, if I were to take that question seriously, I would have to go into a complete philosophical and sociological account but of course, I don't want to.

But if I had to answer that question, maybe I would say: Of course life changes after marriage. It's a new experience and it's a new beginning and I am just figuring it out, so please give me some breathing space!
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Anonymous said...

well, though m not married yet, but still i try to figuer out best suited possibility which can lie between me and my loop-holes as easily as not to disturb the mould of my life. Somebody who does not annoy me !!

reasons are sevreal to be annonymous out here :)

Anonymous said...

in serach of Wheel..........

Well..totally agree post marriage Q&Q posed by ur colleague and friends...asking u all sort of question!!....sometimes make u feel that u married to answer the question..but that is our society whether u like it or not u had to live with it..i'm sure v cannot live w/out them either...

Well i must also want to share that when i was planning to get settled down in life..and looking for a wheel( life partner)..Plz do not mis-interpret.."i belive u had to run ur life like anyother bike which needs 2 wheels to run on the road ( here this is our life)!! here 2 wheels are the life partner!! i know i may sound very imaginative..

So being Maverick in nature i was indeed little skeptical..or it is perfectly right to use the word "nervous"..about life partner i going be living with it" i belive this is normal.." after initial things nothing came out very promising in the sense..

Buti was quick enough..became wise and had revealation to my self and said " O dear Friend Naseem god has created u and also created ur partner somewhere!..and he had promised to the people to give u the best provided u being a " True human being" ( i may not be very true human being..but i was sure i'm reasonable good human being....that is the moment i left everything on to God....

Soon i realized i was correct..i Met thought with much of time i realized she is the one sent by god for me..soon we are riding on ur bike( LIFE)..with both the wheel pefectly aligned and balance..Mashallah!!!!

I always thanks god for this the day i met Tarana..and i saw..she is a wonderful person by nature..and great human be with..and utmost caring...let me tell u this is not only my views for her..but most of these being said already by many other she met..

well u can't ask more than this...I pray to Allah i can take care for her..fulfilled whatever she wishes for..Ameen!!

With lots of luv..Naseem

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