Traffic terror in Delhi

I was really happy when I bought my car...the independence of going wherever you want to without having to worry about the public transport was a wonderful feeling. I have enjoyed it so far, but for the past few months, the traffic in Delhi has been getting worse. Roads are jam packed all over the city and you really have to think twice before venturing out on the weekend, or at least you have to keep an hour's window for getting there.

One of the reasons for this swelling traffic could be the lightning speed with which the Metro construction is happening. The other is that every other person is buying a new car. if he already has one, he's buying another one. Money is overflowing in people's pockets, you can't help but notice.

Well anyway, instead of cribbing about it, I have thought of a few solutions to reduce the mess:

Congestion charge - This is a measure adopted in UK and I think it's worth paying a little extra to avoid painful hours of driving in traffic (which, I have realised, is very strenuous). This could be for roads like Ashram and MG Road so that people take another route if they can or think twice before adding to the mess.

Second car tax - People are buying cars at the drop of a hat, and I am not exaggerating. Not only does this add to the traffic, it is also fueling the second hand car market. So, every second car in a household should be taxed, so people buy one only if it's really necessary.

Awareness campaign - I know we have bigger issues like AIDS prevention and female foeticide, but we could have a campaign by Delhi Police to promote good driving habits and encourage car pooling. (The traffic police also need an awareness campaign - to become aware that they have other jobs to do than take bribes from the helpless public.)

Timings - Offices which can afford to should change their timings to avoid peak hours. I would prefer starting early and finishing early. This is esp important, in fact, mandatory for offices in Noida and Gurgaon.

I am sure that once the Metro is fully on track, things will get better. But we must remember that the number of cars is not going down and that we are going to have a deluge of tourists (and traffic) in the Commonwealth Games. It's better to gear up now before we mess up completely.

P.S. This post comes after a long hiatus because I was caught up in more, let's say, offline stuff...but I am going to try and update more often :)
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SS said...

TK, I'm glad you are back (...and back with a BANG)
Happy blogging:)

Anonymous said...

yes it was a painful most of the days in the week.....i think co-porate shud come out with the some of the west has

like working from the home...on a certain day of the that i can have more productive and spend more hours at work rather wasting in commuting to the office..

fixiing the time of the office so that pool can be organized...

start early leave early..this will not only help to the people but also helps in reducing the import bill of crude oil which runs worth 60,000 crores as of today.!!!!!.i'm sure we have many other issue which can be taken care with the saved money..

Sameer said...

I believe that all the mess up is because of road condition..Onus is being passed on from MCD 2 PWD 2 NDMC 2 who not,but ultimately comman man suffers.
Is it because of elections around he corner?MCD (ruled by BJP) wants to show state govt (Cong)in bad light?

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