Big Bang for news channels

The phenomenon we know as news channels in India is certainly peculiar, and one can never tire from writing about them. Whereas in the rest of the world, news channels present factual information, those in India do everything they can to dramatise (and thus twist) information. As a result, what remains are shreds of hardly recognisable truth. 

A recent spectacle was the CERN project which is supposed to be a
 huge experiment to achieve something I frankly don't understand. The ironic part is that humungous machines have been used to create super tiny, sub-atomic protons! Anyhow, so our news channels decided that this was not exciting enough to talk about, but they found an angle to it which would put K-serials to shame. There was a disclaimer to the experiment that if it went wrong, the results could be a world-shattering disaster. Of course, we know that the thousands of people working for 20 years would do everything in their power to never let this happen.

But the millions of people watching Indian news channels couldn't have known that, because they were told that "the world is going to end". And this is no exaggeration. All over, the news channels kept reporting that the end was near and the experiment was doomed. So much so, that ex-president Kalam had to step in to put an end of the panic this was causing among people.

Rightly now, the I&B Ministry is planning to take action against Aaj Tak and India TV for spreading baseless fears in the public. 

All in all, I am sure the news channels secretly enjoy doing these kinds of things to keep their TRPs going. My suggestion to everyone is: Don't take news on TV seriously, read the paper instead.

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