Life in a metro

Living in a metro in India is nothing less than waging a war with the 24 hours allotted to you. There are so many things to be done, and all you have is those hours you can manage to stay awake before flopping in an unconscious-like state on the bed. Most of these waking hours are spent crawling through ill-managed traffic. The time that's left is spent on managing maids, maintaining the house and shopping for groceries. 

I live a life very similar to this but I do wonder very often...what is it that makes our lives so hectic and stressed out? Are we demanding too much from ourselves or is the stress only in our mind? It's true that stress originates in the mind but physically exploiting your body also takes its toll. And the way we exploit it is by not giving it enough exercise (most of us have sedentary jobs and skip the gym trips) and eating all sorts of junk food. 

I think life in a metro is about chasing a never-ending dream. Your needs never want one branded thing after want a bigger car....a bigger and better house....a more exotic holiday. Though there is nothing wrong with being ambitious, we forget to enjoy the present...and if you think about it, that's all we have now. We have nothing except this living moment and a mind full of dreams. 

Here are some ways I have thought of which might make life less hectic or at least easier to handle:
  • Prioritise: Picture this. It's a Saturday. You have a movie to catch, a dinner to attend and shopping to do. Instead of trying to do everything, prioritise and think of what can be done later. Needless to say, relationships should come first in those priorities (though splurging once in a while is retail therapy!)
  • Zero hour: Every minute does not have to be spent doing something. When was the last time you just sat back and relaxed? Try to spend at least an hour every weekend just doing nothing and probably thinking about the week gone by and what you could have done to make things easier.
  • Re-discover old passions: Did you enjoy making silk flowers once? Or did you spend your time swimming? Whatever it may be, there may be lots of things you gave up when you got busy. Recollect those hobbies and passions and if you can return to them, do so. 
  • Do you need everything? Sure, your colleague or friend might have bought a new phone and you like it, but do you really need one too? Sometimes, we just want things without really needing them. This adds unnecessary pressure on ourselves to work harder and earn more money. Let's learn to demand less from life.
  • Find reasons to be happy: Think about the good things in life. What is it that makes you smile? make sure that those things or those people are around you more often. Do things that make you genuinely happy.
  • Talk to God: I think no person is complete without a spiritual connection. It is when we talk to a Higher Being that we realise how small we are in this universe. And sometimes it's good to have that perspective.
Overall, it's not easy living the fast life but very often we don't have a choice. It's great as long as we don't lose sight of what's really important to us.
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yves said...

Hi Tarana,
I like the way you do your posts: first spill over, and then scientifically rearrange things so that you can make sense out of life, and turn experience into wisdom, or at least, practical advice.
Stress comes from many things, but maybe from dissatisfaction first. If the basics of your life are OK, then you'll able to handle pressure more easily and you'll only start calling that pressure stress when things get out of hand.
I liked your post about "how does it feel do be married?", too. So typical! What CAN you tell people who ask that question?

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