Why the bias?

I don't usually fill up my posts with another article, but this time I am making an exception, because a piece written by Rakhshanda Jalil in the Times of India has very aptly put together the kind of negligence faced in predominantly Muslim areas in Delhi. The place which she talks about is something I can vouch for, having stayed there for quite some time myself:

Why a bias against Jamia Nagar? 

Living in the Jamia neighbourhood has always been tough. The incidents of last week, being dubbed the Battle of Batla House by the press, will only make it tougher. Biases, I suspect, will get sharper; discrimination more covert; and the gloves, I fear, will be off. A few years ago when I moved from Gulmohar Park, a tony locality in South Delhi, to the Jamia neighbourhood, little was I to know that I would be changing not merely a postal address and a landline telephone number but virtually exchanging one way of life for another...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this article. Sve said rightly that a community cannot take everything upon itselves.

Its sad to see such state of Muslims in capital. Political bias is so much evident. I doubt if people even try to get out of that ghetto they cant for its not easy to get homes, lands with muslim tag.

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