And history is made...

The victory of Barack Hussein Obama is a proud moment for all of us, not only because he is bi-racial (he's only half Afro-American), because this gives minorities a hope in the country which has truly become diversified. The New York Times reports, ironically, that just 143 years ago, Obama could have been bought as a slave...Blacks have have been traumatised and exploited more than any other race in America and Europe and this is indeed a dream come true for them.

Obama's key voice during the Presidential campaign was to call for change and now he has become a symbol of exactly that...the fact that Americans voted for him shows that they are desperate for change from the mess created largely by the Bush administration.

It's interesting how this US election has had everyone around the world glued to their seats...and a poll conducted by Economist .com shows that Obama is the favourite the world over...because this is not the victory of one popular candidate over the other, but the victory of one oppressed race which now is the voice of the most powerful country in the world.

Congratulations to Americans for opening their minds!

Below is the acceptance speech by Obama:

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