Step this way, Mr Khan, you may be a terrorist

Alas, we have to face the truth - having a surname like Khan can get you in some sticky situations in the US of A, the self-declared beholde...


Three Cups of Tea: The triumph of one man's vision of peace

It's hard to believe that a person like Greg Mortensen exists today. What he has achieved by setting up hundreds of schools in war-torn ...


The Undomestic Goddess: Time to slow down!

Reviewing a chiklit novel isn't exactly necessary because its sole purpose is to entertain you and keep you rolling with laughter. But I...


Kulfi hunting in Old Delhi

It was a picture of mouth-watering kulfis in the latest issue of Time Out that led me (and my better half who really hoped this was worth i...


Aakriti vs Shanno

Two incidents in two schools happened recently, leading to the death of two girls. One died due to the alleged lack of medical attention and...


TOI falls for it!

The Times of India has fallen for an April Fools joke! On page 15 of the Delhi edition today, it published a report on navigator shoes (here...


Revolutionary Road: For better....or the worst

You must watch Revolutionary Road with no preconceptions in mind, because what you will be taken through is something totally unlike what yo...


When will we take ragging seriously?

The brutal death of Aman Kachroo at a medical college due to ragging has shocked the nation. Apparently, Aman had been suffering for a lon...


The Hundred Foot Journey

This book may easily have been called the hundred 'food' journey. From the beginning, author Richard C Morais overwhelms your senses...


Valkyrie: "Only God can judge us now."

Tom Cruise proved his mettle as an actor way back in 1992 when he starred in A Few Good Men. With Valkyrie, he is a pleasure to watch as the...


Rahman rocks Hollywood!

We didn't need Hollywood to tell us that Allah Rakkha Rahman (or A R Rahman, as we know him) is a genius. But the Oscar is definitely w...


Seven Pounds: The goodness within

How much goodness are we capable of? In today's world wrecked by terror and death, you wouldn't even trust your next-door neighbour....


Pink lingerie as a political weapon

I don't know how effective the Pink Chaddi movement is going to be, but it has certainly got our attention. The Consortium of Pubgoing,...


Welcome to Indian democracy

This post comes in a bit late, considering that hooligans taking over our country is an alarming situation. First they were burning Christia...


Driving in Delhi: Do you know the rules?

I started driving in Delhi over a year ago, and needless to say, was apprehensive about the notorious ways of the road in Delhi. So far, I h...


Panic, panic!

The scenes I witnessed in Delhi today made it look like there was a war on or something. There were km long queues at petrol stations and ev...

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