Pink lingerie as a political weapon

I don't know how effective the Pink Chaddi movement is going to be, but it has certainly got our attention. The Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward women are doing this campaign to send out pink underwears to Sri Ram Sena, the people who are making the life of women in Mangalore miserable.

It's interesting, but is it enough of a response to the violence and humiliation that women had to go through? This activism immediately reminded me of the bra-burning of the 70s when women declared their sexual freedom. We need to ensure that we get the message across loud and clear: we will not be manhandled by religious goons. We have a right to be who we are -- whether we drink, smoke or wear short skirts is OUR choice.

Obviously, there are a lot of people in India who are not hardliners, but still disapprove of women partying at pubs -- such as your neighbourhood Aunty (whose daughter eloped with her boyfriend, but this doesn't stop her from making snide remarks about other girls) or your landlord. The point is: they have a constitutional right to do that. just like the SRS has a right to (forcefully) declare their views. we couldn't stop them, so why stop women from having fun? If you are so concerned about Indian values, instill them in your children and leave it at that.

No one can control the customary steps that the next generation takes to declare itself different from the previous one. And I do feel that the purpose of a lot of young, school-going kids who frequent pubs (what legal drinking age?) is not to have fun but show that they have the freedom to do what they want. THAT is where we need some moral lessons.

What we DON'T want is to stop young men and women of legal drinking age to go out and have fun.
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Reality Bites said...

I liked something an elderly dance teacher said in some TV channel - If something is banned for women, it should be banned for men too. So shouldn't we form a Rani Jhansi Bahini or something like that and go beat up men in pubs?!! I am ready..anyone wanna join?

Reality Bites said...

Hey sorry..the last part of the comment was by me!!!

Sumanth said...


Congress is already screwing a million innocent men with discriminatory anti-male laws with excuse of "gender equality". Before you talk about equality, think about yourself and your future first. No one will come to rescue you, if you get a false "sexual harassment" case on you and get disgraced as no one trusts you and in the end lose a million rupees.

Wake up before it is too late. Men are the endangered species in India today. Join Indian MEN's RIGHTS movement for the sake of your own future. Choice is yours.

Oppose, Sri Ram Sena. However, take care that you do not allow the radical feminists or Congress to discriminate all men due to Sri Ram Sena's activities.'s_rights_movement_in_India

Reluctant Rambler said...

I like your post. But as to the previous commenter...discrimination against men in India?! You must be joking.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would start just one movement. A movement against the use of religious names and symbols by any organisation which does not have a specific religious purpose. It hurts to associate a Ram with Shree Ram Sene's idiots, or Lord Shiva with the Shiv Sena, or Hanuman with the Bajrang Dal.

Ditto for the many islamic organisations that borrow god's name in their monikers.

Funny, but it doesn't seem to be such an issue with Buddhist or Christian groups with a militant agenda. Ever heard of the Buddha's army or even the Guns of Jesus?

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