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This post comes in a bit late, considering that hooligans taking over our country is an alarming situation. First they were burning Christians in Orissa alive, now they are humiliating women in Mangalore. At this moment, I am sure they are rolling up their sleeves for Valentine's day so they can thrash couples. Even the government and police are supporting them.

Is it just me, or is democracy in India being taken too far? Come to think of it, it's because of the freedom that Gujjars can block our roads in Delhi and prevent us from going to work because of a spat they have in Rajasthan, doctors can leave their patients to die because they are on strike and people are afraid to put up Urdu signs in Mumbai, because it's in Mahrashtra and Raj Thackery can't stand any other type of Indians.

India is a democracy where:
- we elect the same leaders who will become parasites later
- we forget injustices done to innocent people and elect Modi as CM again
- we don't mind the filth and mess around us because we don't expect the government to fix it
- we have to take care of our own security because Indian police is the most corrupt (after politicians, of course)
- court judgements can go on for centuries, after your bones have turned to powder
- any hooligan can come and attack you in the name of freedom of expression

It makes me sad that such a progressive nation is being bled by such sick elements.
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vividhaditya said...

i really don't know which culture are they talking about when they say women don't drink. I come from Himachal and we have older women getting drunk for days openly along with men during festival time.

This is equally prevalent not only in the tribal areas bit in many non-tribal areas too. The same is true for many areas in Uttarankhand as well.

In Shimla, there is this Dodra Kawar area, also ROhru area where women drink equally with men. So which Indian culture are these hooligans referring too.

THat's a different thing, my mother and my sister chose not to drink out of choice. But I've personally supplied beer to my cousins (girls) sisters. Though culture says that you keep the purdah from your parents and that's what these cousins did. They kept purdah from their elders while drinking. But then this purdah is not limited to girls. It's equally relevant to boys too, who don't drink with their elders.

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