Revolutionary Road: For better....or the worst

You must watch Revolutionary Road with no preconceptions in mind, because what you will be taken through is something totally unlike what you could associate with America in the 1950s. For Americans, this era was the best time to be alive, to prosper and be happy with their families - stark contrast to the recession they face today.

So, we have a seemingly perfect family in the Wheelers - April (Kate Winslet) and Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and their two children. But things are not at all what they seem. Below the farce, are the frustrations of both these individuals. Frank, for an unsatisfactory job, and April, for a failed career as an actress.

In an effort to pull up her life, April suggests that the family move to Paris and Frank gets as excited about the proposition. But as always with life, their plans dont work out. This completely shatters April, whose expectations of happiness and escape from a dreary life and as Frank puts it, a "hopeless emptiness", are hanging from a single thread - Paris. When that snaps, so does April.

The climax of the movie has been beautifully shot and poignantly features April's hopelessness and resignation.

Both Kate and Leo are powerhouse actors and do a great job with good support by David Harbour as his best friend and Micheal Shannon as the disturbed intellectual.

This movie may not appeal to all and slowly progresses from one scene to the next, perhaps mimicking life's drabness. But men and women will identify with Frank and April to some extent because we all go through moments when we question our very existence but choose to keep quiet about it.
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Anonymous said...

Since you seem to be so sure about America in the 50's, you shd read Bill Bryson's 'Thunderbolt Kid' about his time in that blessed decade.It's great fun!

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