When will we take ragging seriously?

The brutal death of Aman Kachroo at a medical college due to ragging has shocked the nation. Apparently, Aman had been suffering for a long time and no help had been extended to him. And to top it all, I read today in the papers that there is no anti-ragging law in Himachal Pradesh where the crime happened. I can't look at the smiling photo of Aman without thinking about the immense sorrow, shock and anger that his parents must be feeling. I mean, this is 21st century India...can't parents be safe in the knowledge that they are sending their children to study in a protected environment? No, because what they end up getting instead is the tortured dead body of their child.

Sorry if that sounded crude, but it's time to take ragging very seriously. Today another girl committed suicide after a humiliating experience. All this is happening even after the Supreme Court intervened to ask colleges to do everything they can to stop ragging. I think we need more stringent and specific measures for college hostels where victims are helpless and have no escape.

There's a bill pending in Parliament since 2005 against ragging but I guess our MPs are too busy passing bills increasing their salaries and perks to bother. We can't have any more Amans -- this is too big a tragedy to ignore, because this is the death of trust we have in the Indian educational and justice system.

Another issue which urgently needs attention more than ever is the suicides that happen around this time as students are unable to cope with their exams. Why do we have an educational system that kills thousands of students every year? Why cant we make it mandatory for every school to have qualified counsellers? Why can't we make 50 per cent of our syllabus more practical and activity based? Somebody at the top needs to seriously think about this.
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