May 25, 2009

Kulfi hunting in Old Delhi

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It was a picture of mouth-watering kulfis in the latest issue of Time Out that led me (and my better half who really hoped this was worth it!) to explore the bylanes of Old Delhi to locate the famous Kuremals kulfi wala. A metro ride to Chawri Bazaar led us to the chaotic Sita Ram market which we would have scoured up and down at least twice before being directed to one tiny bylane from among the numerous there. Walking down the isolated, though not completely empty, lane led us to the famous Kuremal's - shuttered down!

My first instinct was to call up the Time Out office and give them a piece of my mind as it was only 7.30 pm and the magazine said it was open up to 9 pm. Luckily, just opposite was the shop of Lala Dulli Chand Naresh Gupta, another renowned kulfi wala. The guy at the shop informed us that Kuremals has not been operating for a while now, and only works on special orders. What a pity!

Anyhow, we started off the thing we came for - stuffed mango kulfi. He gave us six sumptuous pieces of frozen mango filled with kesar kulfi and pistachio. It was the most unusual and amazing frozen dessert I have ever had! So much so, that in my excitement I forgot to photograph it! (As a result, I am putting up a pic of the kulfi courtesy

We followed that by anaar kulfi (pomegranate) which was more of a gola, fruit cream (not as good as expected, a bit flavourless) and matka rabri kulfi (authentic to the core).

The shop also has faalsa kulfi, stuffed apple kulfi and litchi kulfi but we didn't try those out. Overall, the experience was good but I don't know whether I would go all the way again for it. And that's the point anyway...I wanted to visit this part of Delhi at least once...and it was worth it.