You're watching a Bollywood comedy if...

Bollywood comedies today seem to be giving a new meaning to the Hindi phrase 'na sar, na pair' (no head or tail). This genre seems t...


Bad, bad English!

Disclaimer: The following post is purely subjective and only represents my views of how I see the English language dying a slow, painful dea...


Hindi TV serials...or matrimonials?

It's hard to surf channels without bumping into one TV serial or the other. While they all appear as different manifestations of the sam...


Reservations about women

Today is Women's Day and there is a hullabaloo about the Women's Reservation Bill being passed in the Indian Parliament. But it make...


Why is hockey still our national game?

You might have heard that the Hockey World Cup is being held in New Delhi thanks to the fact that the Indian team beat Pakistan 4 to 1, here...


Visual attyachar

It's new-age television in India. Emotional Attyachar is a reality show which is aired on TV channel Bindass. And 'bindass' (lai...


India is about 'dhakka start'!

It's been months since I posted but been busy on the work front. Well, let me get on with it right away. For the uninitiated, 'dhakk...

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