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It's new-age television in India. Emotional Attyachar is a reality show which is aired on TV channel Bindass. And 'bindass' (laidback/carefree) it is! No, my post is not about the level of vulgarity or intimacy aired on the show but the fact that people are now breaking up, live, on TV! This is ridiculous!

First, you send a hot babe or dude to entrap your partner. The said babes/dudes are usually very good, almost professional in their entrapment. Then, the partner is spied upon without any holds barred. And when he/she finally succumbs, it looks like they are the torchbearers of immorality in the world!

It's not an exaggeration that at least 50% of people in this world would cheat at least once in their relationship. What this show is doing is not revealing something new, but the way in which the 'cheater' is humiliated is a bit over the top. I am not defending them, but dont understand the need to do this in front of millions of TV viewers. Think about it, the guy/girl has to live a life beyond this episode, literally, and that's not going to be easy with their face plastered all over TV, thanks to news channels who religiously show repeats of the juiciest bits of the show.

And how come, everyone fails this test? How come we dont see any success stories where the partner being spied upon just says no? Are they telling us that no one passes this test? I really find that suspicious. Or maybe those episodes are not 'good' enough to broadcast.

This also makes me wonder about how we dont seem to value our privacy anymore. People go on and off relationships on Facebook, Twitter and now, television. I would have thought infidelity is a serious issue which should be resolved by a mature discussion or counselling.

Oh well, maybe things have changed beyond repair. I mean, if people can get married on TV, why not break up? There's a similar programme on a radio channel (I forget which) which treats the whole infidelity thing as joke, remarking on lightly, while two people prepare themselves for massive emotional turbulence.

There's Splitsvilla on MTV which I simply cannot understand the logic of. If you want to go out with someone, do it. Why do you want to be on TV for that? Skeptical as it may sound, for the youngsters who do land up on these shows, it is not really about the issue at hand, but the fact that they get to be on television. Guess that overcomes all issues of privacy.
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Swati said...

TK is back and back with a BANG!

Keep blogging!

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks :)

Gugan said...


i have not seen this show yet..but it appears to me media is tryin to cash in on the immorality smudged on the society just like the sting operations they do on politicians...but tht was for the cause of public accountability..but here its sheer commerce...and about everyone failing the test... u gotta take tht with a pinch of salt..but reality show is here to stay..and one thing is sure everybody loves to be on tv these days...and they r all very well prepared to know what to talk and how to behave...

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