November 8, 2010

You're watching a Bollywood comedy if...

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Bollywood comedies today seem to be giving a new meaning to the Hindi phrase 'na sar, na pair' (no head or tail). This genre seems to be taking slapstick a bit too far. There was a point where we enjoyed watching these 'senseless' comedies as an escape from the tedium of life. But now, it has become mind-numbingly dumb. The list is endless - whether we're talking about 'De Dana Dhan' to the latest, 'Golmaal 3. Sure, they are entertaining...but only if you go with the mind of an 11 year old!

So, you know you're watching a Bollywood comedy if:
  • There's an ensemble cast of the same faces which keep getting shuffled around in different movies.
  • There are so many plot and sub-plots that the main plot is lost (if there was one).
  • The songs make no sense and make the movie even more distracting.
  • Everybody hits everyone else for no reason.
  • There's a vamp/prostitute who tries to seduce the wrong people.
  • The 'good' heroine gets mistaken for the vamp.
  • There's a bag of money or some precious jewellery that everyone's after and will solve their respective problems.
  • Johnny Lever has a strange and supposedly funny condition that you tire of 5 minutes into his appearance.
  • There is a lot of abusive and suggestive language which is also supposed to be funny.
  • The men are sexist and the women get pushed around as if they have no real purpose to serve.
  • There is lots of furniture broken and cars destroyed.
  • The movie ends with a chase in which the whole cast gets together, while you're still wondering what the plot is.