The New Year resolutions you know you won't keep

Yes, I know. It's something we all do every year to amuse ourselves, hanging on to the vain hope that things will change one day. The ne...


Parenting in the age of Pinterest

Check out the Kids category on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with images of home baked pumpkin cookies and hand crafted playroom art. ...


A mom's Christmas wish-list

Dear Santa, I know I'm late but I wanted to share my wish-list with you anyway. Being mom to a toddler is hard work, so maybe you coul...


Hijab fashion and the liberated Arab woman

Many won't consider Arab women as 'free' or 'liberated' in any sense, but staying in Dubai has opened my eyes to how ema...


Vent! Vent! Vent!

So, there's a new website in this part of town called Secret Vent . Here, people can anonymously vent about what's bothering them....


Let's return to all-natural play

Most of us didn't grow up with a lot of fancy toys and gadgets, but always found that there were not enough hours in the day to play. Ou...


School admissions gone wild!

Dubai is crazytown in many ways than one. The other day I was shocked to read in an online forum that some coveted schools here (read 'W...


Train the parent, not the child

Whether you call it controlled crying, sleep intervention, sleep training or cry it out (CIO), it all sounds the same to me. Unnecessary pai...

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