A mom's Christmas wish-list

Dear Santa,

I know I'm late but I wanted to share my wish-list with you anyway. Being mom to a toddler is hard work, so maybe you could give me some gifts to make the task easier? Here's what I want for Christmas:
  1. For a start, a cup that warms itself so that I can have my cup of tea at my pace.
  2. For that matter, how about a plate that warms itself because the same applies to food.
  3. A hovering chair so I don't have to make a screeching noise to sit when Little Dude is sleeping. Plus, I can use it move around the house quietly.
  4. A mechanical arm extension so I can pick things off the floor with Little Dude in one arm.
  5. An elf who cleans the house at the snap of a finger. Everyday. 
  6. A video monitor inside the washroom and shower.
  7. A robot that follows the Dude around and catches him if he falls.
  8. A toy that will distract the kid long enough to stay still during diaper change.
  9. A tiny elf who can pull out toys from little nooks and crannies.
  10. A little blanket that pulls itself up every time it is pushed down.
Between you and me, Santa, I know you can't really get me these things. But thanks for listening anyway!

- A mom

(Pic: Jacob Windham from Mobile, USA ( [CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)
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Arlette said...

Toys r Us has an arm extension :)! Particularly good for those toy cars that run under furniture :).

Tarana Khan said...

Ah, good to know!

yves said...

I'm seeing Santa tonight (well, at least he's due to come). I'll drop him a word about you. Hm. Maybe I'd better write a note. Yes, that's what I'll do.

Tarana Khan said...

That would be nice! Thanks for visiting...

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