Parenting in the age of Pinterest

Check out the Kids category on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with images of home baked pumpkin cookies and hand crafted playroom art. It can be overwhelming and sometimes, useful. But you've got to remember, you don't have to do ALL those things to be a good parent. Amy Morrison has written this wonderful article (via Huffington Post) about how it has become tough to be a parent nowadays. She says:
"There were no flashcards, there was no sign language (unless you were deaf), there were no organic, free-range bento boxes -- your job was to just see a kid through to adulthood and hope they didn't become an idiot."
Hehe! So true! Yes, old timey moms did bring up multiple children seemingly effortlessly, but think about it, most of us were brought up with zero childproofing and chips for school lunch. I don't blame our parents because they did their best with the resources they had and limited access to scientific information and parent support groups. Back then, as Amy says, it was only about keeping the kids fed and clean.

Today, on the other hand, we have to worry about milestones, stimulation, nutrition and sleep patterns. All the while, we are under pressure to do the 'right' thing. Parents are the most judged creatures of all, and to see the evidence you have to visit any online forum where the slightest comment can get you shot to smithereens! Either that, or you will be made to feel totally inadequate because you don't know how to bake oatmeal caramel bites or your child can't juggle three balls on one foot (just kidding, but you get the point!). Then, there are people who will fling weight and height stats all over the place and scream and shout about how their baby was 'walking' at seven months (is that physically possible?).

Of course, there's a lot of support on the web too. This is especially useful for people staying without family help in places like Dubai. I couldn't have made it through the first few months without the information and support I got online. It's just important not to let it overwhelm you. And some of that stuff on Pinterest, like the one above, can actually help you stay sane!

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