School admissions gone wild!

Dubai is crazytown in many ways than one. The other day I was shocked to read in an online forum that some coveted schools here (read 'Western') have a waiting list that goes into years! True, I swear. Such is the madness that people are now registering their infants on the waiting lists. One woman said that she just placed her three week old on a school list! Another placed her 18 month old on a list and was already on number 200.

To add salt to their wounds, each of these torturous registrations cost about AED 500 ($ 136). So, not only are the schools making money out of this outrageous situation, parents are incurring school costs soon after their child is born.

Indian schools are not far behind. I have been told that people have spent nights under the stars outside the school gate to secure a place for their children. Most schools have since resorted to a lottery system which actually sounds more reasonable than the rest.

Really makes me wonder, what is it about Dubai that makes things go to extremes? It's not like they can't afford to set up more schools. Or do people crazily drive up demand just because they can? It's one of those mysteries. Probably why most top rated Christmas brunches were all booked over back in August. No, really!
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